RPMs, DEBs and Other Things

Thanks to the hard work of your distribution's package managers, there are hundreds of rpm, deb, etc. files available for many applications, including the "tw" programs. They are precompiled for you and ready to install using your system's package manager. Your package manager will also install any other packages (for example, openMotif) that are needed by the programs.

You can find these packages with your package manager, on your CDs, the home pages of your distribution, or at the links below.

Need openMotif?

If you want to compile the latest "tw" programs yourself, you will need to have openMotif installed on your system. There are two packages that you will need - the libraries and the development packages. The libraries were probably loaded when you installed your system.


For systems that use RPMs you will need packages named something like:
The rpm.pbone.net site has RPMS's for Fedora, OpenSuSE, and other systems for the libraries and the development packages.

For Debian systems, the openMotif package names are:
You can download these DEB files from here